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Chen Jing

A Chinese independent designer fuses Chinese cultural elements with diverse foreign influences. With a deep appreciation for her Chinese heritage, she incorporates traditional motifs, symbols, and more into designs, creating a mysterious fusion of the past and present.



(陳) Chén

Chen, a Chinese character that functions as a verb, meaning "exhibit" or "display," and as an adjective, meaning "old" or "ancient", is believed to have originated from the ancient State of Chen during the Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BCE). It is one of the prominent surnames in modern China, ranked among the top hundred most common surnames.

The large number of individuals with the Chen surname reflects the significant population of the Chen clan and its widespread influence across different regions. Throughout different periods, individuals bearing the Chen surname have held influential positions in politics, military, academia, and various other fields, showcasing their wisdom, leadership, and intellectual prowess.



Each candle I create is a harmonious blend of scents that evoke the essence of classic and contemporary drinks. Experience the captivating blend of aromas with our collection that combines the enchanting scents of your beloved drinks.



Drinxhub Candle

Im Giacomo Vezzo, bartender and hyperosmia.

Drawing upon my experience and passion for mixology, I have combined the art of candle making with the flavors and aromas found in popular cocktails.

As a candle maker, I strive to deliver a multi-sensory experience.

Not only do my candles provide a warm, ambient light, but they also fill the air with delightful fragrances reminiscent of your favorite cocktails.

My strong bartender background has given me a deep understanding of flavor profiles and the ability to create unique scent combinations.

I carefully select high-quality ingredients and essential oils to ensure that each candle captures the essence of the cocktails they are inspired by.